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Wenn die leere Seele zur H​ö​lle f​ä​hrt


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tobias_rieper thumbnail
tobias_rieper The title is in German and roughly translates to: "don't worry, hell is no place for good people such as you". Positive music to brighten the days of you smiley-face using lot even more!
Snyjxr thumbnail
Snyjxr Wow! Just wow! How can music be this ugly?? This is so amazing! I've listened to a lot of black metal albums, but this one feels especially evil. It's like how people would talk about "The Exorcist": it feels as if there's a curse underlying this album...! Absolutely disquieting and mesmerising! Very nice work! Favorite track: Thieves with Swollen Tongues.
Ken Goodey
Ken Goodey thumbnail
Ken Goodey This is too short! I really like the feel of this release and the only complaint I have is that there isn't enough of it. Oh well, I'll just have to get some more…hang on a minute, maybe that's the plan all along. Mories is trying to become a multi-millionaire music mogul and plans to get us to buy more by putting out deliberately teasing short releases. Don't be fooled Campers! Go and stream One D… or Miley C… through iToons instead, or you could just stay on BC where all the good stuff is. Favorite track: Thieves with Swollen Tongues.
Truman James
Truman James thumbnail
Truman James It is apparent that we are dealing with someone well versed in the blackened arts. With remnants of ADERLATING scattered amongst this unholy amalgamation of cold and warping black art, the result is a soundscape that both crushes and maddens. Favorite track: Thieves with Swollen Tongues.
Nic Brown
Nic Brown thumbnail
Nic Brown Extremity in metal is, as I have often said, relative, but if I told you that the title track of this delightful little EP from the ever cuddly Gnaw Their Tongues sounded like a classical choir and their accompanying orchestra being ritually sodomised with javelins before being torn apart by tigers, it might give you a clue as to the sort of extremity we're dealing with here. Punishment gluttons form a disorderly queue. Favorite track: Wenn die leere Seele zur Hölle fährt.


Track originally written for an album. The direction of the album changed so much, these songs didn't fit in anymore.


released June 30, 2016

mories=all sounds. recorded 2013-2016 drachten, the netherlands.


all rights reserved




This site includes work from my projects: Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating, De Magia Veterum, Seirom and many more.

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